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    • Pregnancy Massage

      Pregnancy Massage

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    • Enhanced Mobility - Massage & Stretch

      Enhanced Mobility - Massage & Stretch

    • Freedom Posture- Massage & Stretch

      Freedom Posture- Massage & Stretch

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    • About Us

      The Bayside Therapy Group is a multi-disciplinary clinic offering Remedial, Sports, Pregnancy, Relaxation Massage, Postural Assessment and Mobility Stretching services.

      The Bayside therapy group evolved from Massage Medix, first created in 1998 by the owner, Steve Eastwood. Due to his frustration at not being able to maintain a level of performance as a footballer and runner, Steve decided to study and learn as much as he could about injuries and its affect on the body as well as Muscular therapy techniques to effectively treat people suffering many forms of pain and dysfunction.  

      He was then able to combine this knowledge with his Veterinary training as a Company Meat Inspector, to develop a rare level of understanding about the effects of trauma on muscle, tendon, ligament, fascia, bone, skin etc on the body, as well as his ability to identify disease, resulting in a deeper level of understanding and awareness of a persons level of damage/injury and the most appropriate way to use massage to assist the body to heal itself efficiently. 

      Since 1998, Steve has been blessed to work alongside and network with some of Melbourne's best doctor's and therapists enabling him to develop a style and process of Massage therapy that is both respected and valued, having performed over 28,000 massages to people from all sections of the community.

      With the addition of Claire Johnson, Jennifer Stevens & Nicollette Zois, We feel we can provide a great level of Massage services ranging from elite level Sports massage, Remedial massage, Relaxation in the form of Escape massage, Pregnancy Massage, as well as Postural Assessment & report and stretching/mobility for increased flexibility. 

      We believe strongly in educating our patients about why they are suffering pain and or dysfunction and teach them skills to manage  their symptoms. Most of our clients are able to avoid on-going flare-ups by having a periodic preventative maintenance massage.  

      We specialise in chronic and postural pain, headaches, back pain, sciatica, injury prevention and sports performance. We provide quality Remedial, Sports, Pregnancy, Relax Massage, Postural Assessment & Stretching Services. Learn about your body & how to keep it feeling great.

    • Thank you to Steve and his team. Love seeing specialists who are prepared to give all they have, and genuinely show care & diligence in what they do. Steve has been an important part of my rehab team over the past few years, and he has also taken care of my extended family also with treatment. Keep up the great work :)

      Matt Poustie

    • Claire is an excellent massage therapist (and I have seen many over the years)! I had my first massage from Claire on Tuesday and feel fantastic! Looking forward to my next treatment. Thank you Claire! Thank you Bayside Therapy Group

      Cherie Horne

    • Steve you are a genius! What a fantastic therapist. I was so sore and stiff after carrying my third child, but you have bought life back to this body of mine. Thanks for the original free massage; I will be back for many, many more!

      Shanyn McCleod