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  • I've been going to Bayside Therapy Group for a long while, and have always received polite, friendly and caring service there. The massages are modified to accomodate your needs, and the practitioners are knowledgable and attentive. I'd be lost without this team! Thanks!

    Megan Waters

  • Very happy with my Remedial Massages from both Claire and Nicollette. Both are extremely professional and excellent at what they do. I would highly recommend.

    Jo Craig

  • Highly recommended! I have been having regular sports massage with Steve for a few years now. His treatments keep my flexibility and strength at optimum levels and have been far more beneficial to me than other physical therapy options. Every massage is different as he finds and devotes time to areas that need it; no sticking to a predetermined sequence of massage like so many other therapists. It’s great being treated by such an experienced and intuitive person.

    Liz Cawley

  • Thank you to Steve and his team. Love seeing specialists who are prepared to give all they have, and genuinely show care & diligence in what they do. Steve has been an important part of my rehab team over the past few years, and he has also taken care of my extended family also with treatment. Keep up the great work :)

    Matt Poustie

  • Claire is an excellent massage therapist (and I have seen many over the years)! I had my first massage from Claire on Tuesday and feel fantastic! Looking forward to my next treatment. Thank you Claire! Thank you Bayside Therapy Group

    Cherie Horne

  • Steve you are a genius! What a fantastic therapist. I was so sore and stiff after carrying my third child, but you have bought life back to this body of mine. Thanks for the original free massage; I will be back for many, many more!

    Shanyn McCleod