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      The Bayside Therapy Group is a multidisciplinary clinic offering Remedial, Sports, Pregnancy, Relaxation & Seated Massage and Mobility Stretching services.

      Steve Eastwood first created Massage Medix in 1996 after realising his on-going injuries shattered his dream of becoming a professional athlete.

      We specialise in chronic and postural pain, headaches, back pain, sciatica, injury prevention and sports performance. We provide quality Remedial Massage, Sports, Pregnancy, Relax Massage & stretching Services. Learn about your body & how to keep it feeling great.

    • Thank you to Steve and his team. Love seeing specialists who are prepared to give all they have, and genuinely show care & diligence in what they do. Steve has been an important part of my rehab team over the past few years, and he has also taken care of my extended family also with treatment. Keep up the great work :)

      Matt Poustie

    • Claire is an excellent massage therapist (and I have seen many over the years)! I had my first massage from Claire on Tuesday and feel fantastic! Looking forward to my next treatment. Thank you Claire! Thank you Bayside Therapy Group

      Cherie Horne

    • Steve you are a genius! What a fantastic therapist. I was so sore and stiff after carrying my third child, but you have bought life back to this body of mine. Thanks for the original free massage; I will be back for many, many more!

      Shanyn McCleod