• Enhanced Mobility

  • Enhanced Mobility is our approach to increasing flexibility and range of movement to our customers. By combining elements of Therapeutic joint mobilization and advanced stretching techniques, we can make great strides in unlocking your natural movement potential as well as decreasing your pain and discomfort. Enhanced mobility is beneficial for anyone suffering from a range of conditions.  This approach is in no way used as an alternative to yoga, pilates or other forms of prescribed exercise, rather it will help you gain greater benefits from them. If you find it difficult to complete certain exercises due to a lack of flexibility, we can help prepare your body to achieve more, in a shorter period of time.

    Initially, we discuss your medical & physical history & assess your functional range of movement to determine a plan specific to you.  

    From there we go through a series of massage and mobilizing techniques.

    Being 'hands on' is massively important in our opinion. It is a great way to be able to feel for  fascial restrictions, adhesions, angry trigger points, muscle hypertrophy and hypotrophy. This gives us a an additional reference point, that we can feel and relate to as we progress you through your enhanced mobility journey. How your body 'feels' during and after treatments is as important in gauging your increased range of movement.

    From there we incorporate stretching techniques to develop an enhanced range of movement. We have a large amount of stretches we can utilise, some of which we perform on you on the massage table and on the floor, to swiss ball and foam roller exercises. You will them be shown some exercises you can do at home yourself to assist you in maintaining your new enhanced mobility. 

    We recommend a minimum of 3 sessions in order to fully benefit from this approach, although we welcome you to book a session to try it for yourself. 

    3 and 5 session packs are available at a discounted rate.