• Escape Massage

  • Escape massage is a premium relaxation service created by Bayside Therapy Group after noticing the increased levels of stress and anxiety suffered by more and more men, women and children in the community. We decided to try to do something to help.

    Escape massage is a treatment encompassing deep relaxation for both the body and mind. We provide a relaxing environment with scented candles, heated table and towels, quality essential oils, massage strokes and pressure designed to your comfort level.

    To enable you to truly escape during your visit, we provide guided meditation or relaxing background music to further enable you to drift away. Our intention is to assist you in reaching the greatest state of relaxation possible during your 60 minute or 90 minute Escape massage.

    To help gain a deeper state of relaxation we have devised a thermal heat massage approach, with a soft outer shell that moulds around the bony structure of your body to maintain a beautifully soft and gentle feel, while adding heat and increased circulation to the areas that need it most. This combined with our usual therapeutic massage techniques, allows us to provide you with an unsurpassed state of relaxation.

    We feel anyone suffering any form of stress or anxiety will benefit from Escape massage.

    Benefits of Escape massage:

    Lower heart rate and blood pressure
    Increase circulation
    Reduce muscle tension
    Reduce stress/anxiety related symptoms
    Lower cortisol and insulin levels
    Increase feeling of calm and happiness.

    Ensure you book with our Escape Massage therapists-  Emma, Rachael, Kelly, Nicollette & Claire .