• Our Team

  • Steve Eastwood

    Steve is the owner of Bayside Therapy Group.

    Steve has been a practising Massage Specialist for over 24 years. He enjoys helping people suffering posture related pain & dysfunction & chronic pain

    He also enjoys helping people of any age improve their flexibility and mobility so they can get the most out of life.

    Steve has had a long involvement in running, AFL football, cricket and mountain biking, both as an athlete aswell as a therapist.

    Services provided by Steve

    -Remedial Massage. -Sports Massage. -Deep Tissue -Mobile Myofascial Cupping -PNF/MET -MyoStretch - Specialised Stretch Therapy.  -Freedom Posture. 


  • Claire Johnson

    Claire has an extensive background in the Massage and Sports and Fitness industries, teaching Phys Ed in the UK aswell as teaching Massage and PT at colleges in Melbourne.

    Claire has a keen interest in postural analysis and injury rehabilitation which was sparked through her personal training. She also has a huge passion for sports therapy and performance. Claire is a keen runner who competing at a high level for the past 20 plus years.

    Services provided by Claire

    -Remedial Massage -Sports Massage -Pregnancy Massage -Escape Massage -Myostretch -Freedom Posture.

  • Leah Tanner

    Leah comes to us with a wealth of experience in many forms of massage including Remedial, Sports, Relaxation and Pregnancy as well as being an experienced and effective DRY NEEDLING therapist.
    Leah will be available from December 5th and will be working on Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday.
    Leah has very kindly offered to assist anyone who normally see's Nicollette for Massage and/or DRY NEEDLING
    Services offered by Leah
    -DRY NEEDLING -Remedial massage -Sports massage -Escape massage -Pregnancy massage -Freedom posture
  • Ashlea Parry

    Introducing our new therapist Ashlea!
    We are so excited to have Ashlea join our team, Ashlea comes with a strong medical background & possesses fantastic remedial skills. Ashlea is looking forward to helping many of you!
    Ashlea is available on Tuesdays, Thursdays & Fridays
    Services provided by Ashlea
    -Remedial Massage -Sports Massage -Pregnancy Massage -Escape Massage -Deep Tissue Massage
  • Troy McGill

    Troy comes to us with a strong background in competitive sport, both as an athlete and as a therapist.
    Troy is very passionate about helping people achieve and maintain an active, pain free lifestyle.
    Troy’s interests include running, AFL, and anything in the outdoors.
    Troy would love to meet you soon and assist you in any way he can.
    Troy will be available Thursday’s, Friday’s & some Saturday’s
  • James Giles

    Introducing James
    James comes with a strong background in mechanical and diagnostics aswell as fantastic remedial skills. James has a strong analytical approach to his work with an emphasis on problem solving to provide you an optimal outcome.
    James is available on Friday, Saturday and Sunday
    Services provided by James
    -Remedial Massage -Sports Massage -Deep Tissue Massage -Stretching
  • Olivia Eastwood

    Olivia is our clinic administrator and runs the show really. Liv has qualifications in administration and social media studies and has a diploma in beauty therapy. Liv is currently studying animal husbandry.

    Olivia owns Creative Candle Co, which sells candles and diffusers which you'll often see and smell at the clinic. Her candles can be purchased online, at the clinic and at local markets.