• Testimonials

  • I visited and Claire looked after me. She really cares about her patients and the results have been great. With a great deal of explanation and demonstration she also lead me to improvements and future paths of improvement beyond my initial condition.

    Rating: Anees Sabet

  • All therapists are excellent. Long trading hours make it very easy to get an appointment. Experienced owner.

    Rating: Dimitry Katchalov

  • For years I have always had regular remedial massages at many other places. But in all my experiences no one has been as incredible as claire as a therapist, once I discovered her at bayside therapy I now travel an hour each way to have her massage treatments. Life changing. She really knows what she's doing and is so experienced and talented in treating different issues.

    Rating: Jade van Unen

  • 45min remedial with James.
    Will be going back

    Rating: Joey Scicluna

  • Wow highly recommend bayside therapy.
    Had James for a 60min sport massage, I would highly recommend James as he was extremely knowledgeable, detailed and identify the core issues. He gave me homework too. Can't wait to go back.

    Rating: Ryu Kondo

  • Rachel is an absolutely fantastic massage therapist- all my aches and pains are much better after I see her, and she’s lovely too

    Rating: Rebekka Power

  • I couldn’t recommend Claire highly enough. She’s such a caring and professional person that always give her best, she’s so caring that she will always remind me to get up slowly, what to take note on my every visit without failed. (even though I am going for massage almost every week). I started pregnancy massage around end of my first trimester until now I am 30weeks pregnant and I am really glad that I met Claire. She’s really professional and she will always check with me on my every visit and see what I need the most on my visit. I remembered I was suffering for lower backache towards the end of my first trimester, she tailored the massage according to my needs, she focuses a lot on massaging my lower back and that’s the best feeling ever! I no longer suffer for lower backache *touchwood*
    Trust me, Every second / minute you’re in Claire’s hands is so worth it.
    I really appreciate and Thank you very much Claire.

    Rating: Joey Hanna

  • The best deep tissue massage I've ever had. Highly recommend.

    Rating: Chris Seoud

  • Having been involved in a cycling accident, I ended up with 3 fractured vertebra, fractured sternum, fractured rib and a bad head wound - (even though the helmet probably saved my life). After 3 months in a back brace, my vertebrae have mended (as well as can be hoped for) but my muscles were severely weakened after over 3 months of non activity. I have been treated by Steve and his team over the past 15 years helping me recover from various sporting injuries - however, I had never presented Steve with a challenge quite like this. Over 5 months, working with physios, Pilates instructors and Steve, I am close to being back to an fully active sporting person. Most importantly, Steve absolutely understood the mobilisation task required and through patient work on my back & shoulders, he regained movement, flexibility and the ability for me to strengthen my muscles. Steve’s knowledge and understanding of trauma recovery is fantastic and his approach to developing a systematic and planned programme has made all the difference to me. From now being back on the tennis court to standing on top of a peak in the Austrian Alps, I can only convey my absolute gratitude and thanks to Steve’s expertise. I’m very lucky to be alive and not paralysed, I’m also very lucky to have been able to utilise Steve’s awesome massage knowledge and techniques. Thank you again Steve.

    Best wishes


    Rating Tim Francis

  • After a 1 year long painful injury with initial plantar fascia plate tear and and inflammation in the foot my recovery had flattened at around 50%. I had over 30 medical appointments to help heal the issue and reduce the pain. I had seen 2 Chiropractors, 2 Podiatrists, multiple Physios, had 2 ultrasounds taken and was about to get a cortisone injection to numb the pain, as a last resort before potential surgery. Then I visited Steve Eastwood from Bayside Therapy group on a recommendation. Steve has treated me 3x so far, with remarkable effects. Through deep tissue massage he has vastly increased the flexibility and mobility in my foot, which has reduced my residual pain by 80% so far, and I finally see and end to my longstanding injury. I used to run, play tennis 2x a week, be very active, hike, kitesurf and ride. Since the injury I had to stop all activity other than cycling. I even could not walk for more than 500m without pain, even the trip to the train station became hard, and I only could wear one pair of special shoes with orthopaedic inserts, as a young dad I felt like a million years old.
    I am finally on the healing end of this plantar plate injury and nerve inflammation, and cannot thank Steve enough for his work. Nobody has worked as intensely in my foot as he has, and he has done all the right things! Thank you, Steve, you have magic touch, highly recommended!

    Rating: Fabian Seibold

  • Thank you to Steve and his team. Love seeing specialists who are prepared to give all they have, and genuinely show care & diligence in what they do. Steve has been an important part of my rehab team over the past few years, and he has also taken care of my extended family also with treatment. Keep up the great work :)

    Rating: Matt Poustie

  • Steve you are a genius! What a fantastic therapist. I was so sore and stiff after carrying my third child, but you have bought life back to this body of mine. Thanks for the original free massage; I will be back for many, many more!

    Rating: Shanyn McLeod

  • Claire is my go to therapist, outstanding knowledge of the body, I always feel rejuvenated when I walk out!

    Rating: Shaun Menner

  • Claire is an excellent massage therapist (and I have seen many over the years)! I had my first massage from Claire on Tuesday and feel fantastic! Looking forward to my next treatment. Thank you Claire! Thank you Bayside Therapy Group

    Rating: Cherie Horne

  • They're very professional & just feel so much better when I leave!

    Rating: Felicitiy Stainthorpe

  • Claire does fantastic remedial massages - she has relieved my back pain when I couldn't find any other methods of relief. I highly recommend her.

    Rating: Bev Menner

  • Highly recommended

    Rating: Evalin Ling

  • Very happy with my Remedial Massages from both Claire and Nicollette. Both are extremely professional and excellent at what they do. I would highly recommend.

    Rating: Jo Craig

  • I've been going to Bayside Therapy Group for a long while, and have always received polite, friendly and caring service there. The massages are modified to accomodate your needs, and the practitioners are knowledgable and attentive. I'd be lost without this team! Thanks!

    Rating: Megan Waters

  • I was reffered to Steve by my PT ! Straight up, He's geat!!!! Recently I have been treated by Nicolette too. And seriously She is an amazing professionist !!

    Rating: Fabio Dallari

  • I was referred to Steve by my trainer and I'm so glad I was. Steve is an amazing therapist who really wants to help everyone as much as possible. His knowledge is invaluable and it's been a great help to me in the short time I've been having treatments. As a personal trainer, it's not only important for me to get quality treatments, but to have a place I can refer clients to that I know has a high standard and friendly approach. I would highly recommend coming here as the service is outstanding.

    Rating: Megan Raphael

  • I have been seeing Steve for years and cannot speak more highly. I have a monthly massage to keep everything in order but if something goes wrong with my back I know Steve will fix it. Have seen Claire a few time also and although a different style does amazing work. Tend to book one with Claire every few months for that different level. Even had one with Jennifer recently due to holidays. If you have leg soreness she is the girl. I do like deep tissue so there is no relaxing in my massages but what my body needs. Let's these guys make you feel great all over again.

    Rating: Wendy Purves

  • Had a fantastic and relaxing pregnancy massage with Claire this week, she was able to relax my tight muscles and pains around the shoulders and lower back. Felt so comfortable I almost fell asleep! Highly recommended. Thanks Claire!

    Rating: Shanti Wiwatowski

  • Thanks Stephen for yet again an amazing remedial massage. Am feeling so much better after my visit today. Your efforts are really appreciated.So exciting to hear of your future plans within the business and look forward to 'watching this space'

    Rating: Wendy Garside

  • Thank you, Claire for giving me stretching on my really sore legs. You are a STAR!

    Rating: Kuniko Bowden

  • I have been seeing Steve for many years. Fortunately for me, I do not need to see him too often as he usually sorts by back issues for me and gives me great stretches and other tips to keep my back in check.
    Steve is certainly not one to suck you in to return unnecessarily like many therapists do. He genuinely cares about helping people and providing the best advice.

    Rating: Dorothea Preston

  • Steve is the only person who has been able to consistently keep me moving and at work, after I was on Workcover with a back injury. He is very professional and friendly. He always finds the exact spots that need to be worked on and fixes them.

    Rating: Karen Abrahams

  • Steve and his team have done absolute wonders on keeping me performing at my absolute best.
    Competing at a high level means your body is under constant stress and needs maintenance to ensure its performing at its best, not only that but Steve and his team understand the body in ways others don't. This ensures you're getting the best treatment every time.
    I would recommend no one else!

    Rating: Sam Butler

  • I have been a client of the Bayside Therapy Group for 5 years, during that time I have found that Steve & The Bayside Therapy Team are always going above and beyond my expectations. A Highly skilled team of professionals that I would recommend to anyone

    Rating: Jasmina Stefkovski

  • Steve is amazing!!!

    Rating: Kim D'Souza

  • Highly recommended! I have been having regular sports massage with Steve for a few years now. His treatments keep my flexibility and strength at optimum levels and have been far more beneficial to me than other physical therapy options. Every massage is different as he finds and devotes time to areas that need it; no sticking to a predetermined sequence of massage like so many other therapists. It’s great being treated by such an experienced and intuitive person.

    Rating: Liz Cawley

  • Best remedial massages in Bayside! I have been visiting Steve for a number of years and never hesitate to recommend his services to anyone in need. Steve is hard to get an appointment with on short notice so I've had the opportunity to try out the other therapists Nicollette, Claire & Jennifer. They are extremely knowledgeable and all come from different sporting backgrounds. I feel confident coming to this clinic knowing I will walk out feeling 100 times better. Nicollette has become my regular therapist and she's pretty awesome! I recommend trying out the dry needling from her!

    Rating: Teresa Lorenz

  • Steve was recommended to me by a friend who is a Personal Trainer and knows all about sports injuries and aches & pains. I've been seeing Steve on and off for over 10 years now and I can only recommend him highly! It doesn't matter if you have an injury or if you are looking for a relaxing massage to re-charge your batteries - Steve and his team make it happen.
    The new location is great as well. No more scrambling around to find a parking space - perfect :-)

    Rating: Barbara Richartz

  • Steve's take a holistic approach in getting you 'up & about' again. With his extensive experience, Steve is always thinking laterally about what may have triggered the injury and the approach to avoid further injury. While he treats you, the message in consistently about how you can manage your injury and long term participation in the activities you love through a practical, results driven approach incorporating mobility exercises that promotes muscular function.

    Rating: Michelle Jelleff

  • Steve, Clair & Jen are absolute professionals. Really good natured people who genuinely care, all with a multitude of differing sports backgrounds, and very skilled in all manners of massage therapy (from deep tissue, to therapeutic, relaxation etc).
    I have had a number of surgeries over the years (hips, wrists, pelvic etc) and they are always eager to help and cater for what I need from day-to-day. Their technical knowledge of a wide variety of issues (ie. chronic pain, knee / back/ hip soreness etc) is top class, and they never put me in a position or movement that makes me uncomfortable or causes me concern re my injuries etc.
    Their rooms are really large and well presented, always clean and the best massage therapy group in the Bayside region by far.
    I could not recommend them more highly!

    Rating: Matt

  • Fabulous massage from a team who really know their stuff. Can't recommend these guys more highly.

    Rating: Jennifer Gillian

  • I have visited Steve many times during the past 4 / 5 years. He has always quickly identified the source of my pain and effectively treated me, normally without the need for repeat visits. His knowledge of body mechanics is excellent and ability to identify and treat my muscular ailments is always appreciated.

    Rating: Brad

  • Steve must have magic hands, he can fix sore, tightness on my carf, quad, toe, ITB or anything. I trust him more than my physio. In addition, he has such an amazing personality and I always look forward to listening his stories while laying on table. Highly recommended with 5 stars!

    Rating: Kuni

  • I first met Steve 15 years ago. Lost him, and found him again earlier this year. His understanding of how a body works and heals is extensive. He has helped me tremendously.

    Rating: Patricia Pezzi-Campus

  • Steve's knowledge of biomechanics and injury is outstanding and he has successfully treated many of my sports related issues and injuries. All the staff I have had contact with at Bayside Therapy Group are extremely professional, experienced and friendly. Highly recommend.

    Rating: Caroline Jones